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Go to our pricing section and choose the plan that best suits you. If you are a skeptic you can always sign up for a 3 day demo. Fill up the registration form and you are halfway done.

Check your Email

Check your email for login details or you can go from our store to “My Account” and check for login details and device codes.

Watch Anywhere

You can watch on multiple devices. Stream live IPTV Channels and On-Demand Movies on Windows and Mac devices use your browser to stream while mobile devices have their own applications that you can download.



Take advantage of this 3 day demo to see all of the amazing entertainment that you can have access to at a greatly reduced price from conventional TV services. You can enjoy your demo for 3 days. Hundreds of Premium Channels included and no contract required to take advantage of this offer. The reason we charge for this demo is to reduce the number of free trials being used by the same user multiple times with a numerous amount of emails so we are setting a fee of $3.00. This allows our product to be used by serious consumers who really want to test the product. Sorry no refunds on this package.


$25 / month

This is the best package!! Get unlimited access to over 3000+ premium channels. Working locals to keep you up to date in your area. Multilanguage platform that allows
you to watch in French, UK, Spanish, Latino, and a few others. Over a 100,000 movies and tv shows. All main sporting events from around the world are included.






Explore our packages to get what you need. Its never
been easier. Guaranteed best experience. If you don’t
believe us register an account and TRY our services for a
limited amount of time.



Why keep paying high prices for entertainment? Its never going down. ONLY UP! We have one set price. No contract. Easy install with no hassle. Change your cost for entertainment and start saving now!

Register new user and choose 3 DAY DEMO on checkout. **REMEMBER 3 DAY DEMOS ARE NOT GIVEN OUT THE LAST 3 DAYS OF THE MONTH!!**

Frequently Asked Questions

We made a list of most commonly asked questions. Be sure to go through it if you have a problem with our TV service.

Q: How do I order? 

A: Very simple, choose the subscription length you want to watch, click Buy Now, enter your information including real phone and email so we can send you the logins. Then install one of the apps, enter your code and start watching!

Q: What is IPTV?

A: IPTV is a way to watch live or recorded videos streamed thru the internet without using expensive cable or a satellite dish.

Q: How good is your software?

A:  Our multi-location content delivery centers make use of the most sophisticated high tech equipment available to deliver a secure stream, which utilizes a range of bandwidths and devices. With adaptive streaming technology, the compression rates can be instantly and automatically scaled up or down, delivering a viewing experience that is completely smooth and free from buffering and glitches, supporting both low and high bit-rate deliveries.

Q: How many channels are there?

A: 3000+ Channels

Q: Can I use it anywhere?

A: Yes. You can watch your favorite shows anywhere, anytime on any device. It works on mobile phones with Apple IOS, Android box 5.1 or higher, Amazon Fire Stick, Nvidia Sheild and Tablets as well as your PC or Laptop.

Q:  How do I install on firestick or android.


  1. On the Firestick Navigate to Settings then Device and Developer Options and make sure “ Apps from Unknown Sources” is turned on.
  2. Return to the Firestick Home Screen and Navigate to Apps then Categories and select Utilities.
  3. Choose the “downloader and enter- into the address bar.
  4. Download and Open and Install.
  5. Launch SOPLAYER from your apps menu
  6. Select Pin or Username and I.D.
  7. Enter your device your credentials.
  8. Your device should now be active. If you have any questions please reach out to our 24/7 support.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: It may vary from time to time but we usually always accept Visa, Mastercard and sometimes paypal.

Q: How do I renew?

A: Simple, follow the same steps when you ordered the first time. Your app will show you when the subscription is running out. Place another order and time will be added to your account.

Q: Is there a credit check?

A: No! there is no credit check, ever, no contract, ever, just easy to watch affordable tv!

Q: Is there a contract?

A: No, there is never a contract, order as much or as little time as you like.

Q: Do I get billed each month?

A: No, we do not bill you, this way there are no surprises, when it is time to renew simply return to the store and place another order. Time will be added to your account.

Q: What devices does it work on?

A: You can watch tv on all android boxes, phones, tablets, windows pc. mac, ipad and iphone…

Q: How many devices can I use?

A: You can watch up to 4 devices at once. If you need to remove one device from your account, you need to request it be delisted, send us an email.

Q: Can a friend use my account?

A: No, sorry, sharing the account will cause your account to stop working.


Install our app on your IOS device right from the App Store.


If you have Google Play on your phone use PlayStore button to download our app. Android boxes can use this downloader. Click the button to automatically download our app.


Install our app on your IOS device right from the App Store.


Watch on your Windows device. Simply click on the button below and start watching live TV right on your Windows device.

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